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Pavilion Reservation Pymt

Payments for Picnic Pavilion reservations can be paid here. 

Only use this payment form after receiving confirmation from Borough Staff that the pavilion you requested is available on the date requested.

Your payment must be received within 24 hours after your reservation confirmation was issued by Borough Staff; after 24 hours of non-payment, your pavilion may be reserved by other parties.

On-line payments will also include a small handling fee:

$50.00 & $1.80 handling fee: total $51.80
$20.00 & $0.91 handling fee: total $20.91

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Reservation Fee Payment Processing:
Pavilions 1 - 5 - $51.80
$50.00 fee & $1.80 Handling Fee - $51.80 total
Pavillion 6  -  $20.91
$20.00 fee & $0.91 Handling Fee - $20.91 total