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Montoursville Borough Building


The Borough of Montoursville is located in Lycoming County and is five miles east of the City of Williamsport .  The Borough occupies about 4.2 square miles and has a population of 4,615 (2010 census).  The Borough is bound on the north by Interstate I-180, on the west by the Loyalsock Creek, on the south by the Susquehanna River and the east by Fairfield Township .  The Borough has twenty-eight (28) miles of paved streets and two-hundred (200) acres of municipal recreation areas.  The Borough also owns the Montoursville Borough Water Works, with five wells and an artesian spring.  We supply water to an estimated 2,100 residences, plus business and industrial customers.

Bike Path length - ( 1.85 miles )
Green Bridge at Broad Street to Wendy's on Rt # 87.

Montoursville Bike Path Map


   Help in the Prevention of Frozen Water Pipes and Water Meters

When below freezing temperatures are sustained over several days, water pipes and meters that are close to cold air may freeze. The Montoursville Borough Water Department urges residents to take to steps to prevent water pipes and meter from freezing. Frozen water meters and water pipes can stop water service and may be expensive to repair or replace. Property owners are responsible for protecting both water pipes and the water meter from damage. Preventing pipes and the meter from freezing is easier than trying to thaw them. Below are some suggestions on how to prevent this from happening:

To Help Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

Make frequent use of your water supply:

Flowing water often breaks up ice.  Keep your faucets circulating by having them drip all day and night as a preventative procedure. It’s less expensive than to repair a frozen or burst pipe.

 Eliminate cold drafts near water pipes:

Tightly close doors and window to the outside. Install storm windows on basement windows. Eliminate drafts from crawl space.  Fill cracks in walls and around windows.  Turn off water connections to garden hose.  Connections at an inside valve and drain the exposed piping before freezing temperatures set in.

Provide warmth to the water pipes:

Open the door to the room where the pipes are located to allow warmth to circulate. Wrap pipes in insulation or heat tape. If your kitchen or bathroom sink is located against an outside wall, insulate the wall. Open cabinet door below the sink to allow warm air to reach the pipe.


To Help Prevent A Frozen Meter

It is colder near the floor and along the block wall of a basement than at the ceiling, so make sure warm air is allowed to circulate around your meter. Follow the previous instruction about preventing freezing frozen water pipes. If your meter is in a separate room, leave the door open to this room to allow warmth to circulate. If your meter is in a cabinet, open the cabinet door. If the meter is in an outdoor pit, check to see that the cover fits properly and that it has no cracks into which cold wind can blow. The pipes, valves and the meter inside such pits should not touch the concrete walls.


If you suspect damage to water pipes or the water meter, please contact the Montoursville Borough Office

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM at 570-368-2486.






To All Borough Residents, the Brush Pile is

closed until further notice for hauling of brush.


Mulch will still be available to anyone; no need to stop by the

 Borough Office; no key is necessary.

The mulch pile is located

between the

 Borough Maintenance Buildings for your convenience.







Montoursville Borough can no longer offer the service of shredding confidential documents/mail.  In the past, the service was provided free of charge to the Borough but that is no longer the case.

While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, the Borough has confirmed with Lycoming County Resource Management (recycling area) that mail/books/paper ( non-shredded ) can be put in the container marked for ”Cardboard”

The Borough also provides a dumpster marked for “shredded” paper located at the recycling area for your convenience.









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